It's Simple.

We shoot.

You pledge.

everyone wins!

Our Mission
​Archers For Change is a group of archers who have found a way to turn our passion into helping others.  We want to offer a fundraising solution for non-profits to use to raise for their causes - all while promoting the wonderful sport of archery!

The Main Goals of AFC 

~Provide an interactive fundraising service to charities in a way that promotes community involvement and interaction.  We will be creating an experience for donors that makes them feel more involved in the act of giving.  Donors won't just be writing a check ... they'll be following along through media as their archer competes for the benefit of the supported charity!

~Promote and educate people on the wonderful sport of archery.  ​Archery is a wonderful discipline that teaches a lot of important life skills.  However, it isn't really popular in  our culture in the USA compared to other parts of the world.  Through our exposure helping organizations, we hope to also get more people interested and involved in this wonderful activity.

​How The Pledges Work

The concept behind Archers For Change is simple.  We partner with existing charities and raise money for them by going to archery competitions.  How?  Well ... think of it like a "jog-a-thon", only with arrows.  Each archer will be supporting a separate organization.  You choose your archery (and organization) and make a pledge based on their performance.

For example : 

"I'll pledge $3 to [the organization] for every 10 ring my archer hits during their competition."

The archer then goes to the event to shoot for their sponsored organization and, after the scores are tallied up, we send out requests for people to honor their pledge and provide all the information and links to the cause they choose to support.  The donor then makes their gift directly to the organization.  We want to make sure that 100% of all donations go directly to the cause!  

Archery has exploded in popularity in recent years.  We'd like to ride that wave in a  positive way to help as many people as we can.

Right now, Archers For Change is being run on a purely volunteer basis fueled  by our passion and vision of helping others.  We'd like to make sure that we can maintain our vow of always giving 100% of every donation to the intended charity.  However, if you'd like to become a sponsor to help us broaden our reach, attend as many events as possible, and help charities receive the funding they need, then please contact us about becoming a sponsor / official partner.  There are many options available for partnership to help promote this wonderful cause!

Please Help Us Help Others!

Thank You,
The AFC Team

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