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Name : Brandon Tenner

Brandon Tenner was born into a hunting/fishing/outdoors loving family so it was no surprise that he started shooting a bow shortly after he learned to walk. He won his first archery competition at age 5...in the 14 and under category! From that point on he couldn't get enough. Every weekend was spent practicing, competing, preparing for the hunting season, or sitting in a treestand. In high school Brandon was introduced to the Olympic recurve and his Olympic dream was born. He enjoys the challenge of perfecting his form to make a perfect shot with the recurve bow. Brandon is currently the NFAA Marked 3D National Champion (2nd consecutive year), and current Oregon state record holder for indoor and all courses and overall record holder for field archery. He is planning to compete in the 2016 Olympic trials in the fall of 2015.

When he is not competing he runs the Sylvan Archers JOAD program, is the head coach for the Oregon State University Club Team and runs private one-on-one archery lessons. If it has to do with archery chances are Brandon is involved.

Brandon is shooting for Carry The Fallen/Active Heros.

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Name : Adam Parrott

Adam Parrott started shooting archery in 2010 after falling ill with the flu and watching 3 seasons of the BBC's Robin Hood on Netflix.  Suffering major cabin sickness, Adam decided mid January was a wonderful time to buy a bow and go stand out in the chilly rain learning how to shoot.  His first year of coaching was provided by YouTube videos - mainly the Archery World Cup (its amazing what you can learn on the internet these days ...). A year later he shot in his first state tournament, getting 4th Place in the traditional division.  It was there that he met Brandon Tenner, who was shooting an Olympic Recurve.  Once Adam tried the Olympic Recurve, there was no turning back.

In 2014 Adam started taking competition archery seriously.  2015 will be his first full year of competition ever, and it's starting out well with a 2nd place finish (behind none other than Brandon) at the Competitive Edge Classic.  

Adam, along with his partner in crime, Chelsea Bliss, came up with the idea for Archers For Change as a way to turn their passion into helping others.  Adam has long been a supporter and volunteer at St. Mary's Home For Boys.

To learn more about St. Mary's Home For Boy's Click Here.

Name : Chelsea Bliss

Shooting For :

Archer's Bio Coming Soon

Average NFAA Score :  293


Average 4s   :  7 


Average 5s   :  21


Average Xs   :  32


Bow : Cartel


Arrows : Victory Archery

Average NFAA Score :  280

Average 4s   : 18  

Average 5  s :  23

Average Xs   :  17

Bow : SF Archery

Arrows : Victory Archery